Best Android Celebrity Trivia Game Guessing

In the celebrity quiz game Simple game in which we just have to guess the celebrity based on the looks and the feature.  The celebrity game has multiple features like actors actresses and pop singers from various walks of life.

Celebrity Quiz Trivia

What is a celebrity quiz game

celebrity quiz game android best

The game is about getting a celebrity with all the information you have so that you get a brain boost as well as stress buster both at the same time.  this is not just about paying game or or winning points this is about stress busting with the favorite celebrity in front of your eyes.

And not only that the pictures are presented in a cartoonish way so that it makes it a bit difficult but at the same time enjoyable to guess the trivia celebrity star.What’s so special about celebrity quiz games?

The speciality of this game is it is based on existing knowledge and it is not like some general knowledge quiz.

 in general knowledge quiz what happens is you are intimidated your brain is Amit intimidated by thinking about whether this would be a great selection or not,  do I know the subject or not or have ever read it.  but when it comes to this celebrity trivia quiz game it is quite easy because it is based on the pictographic memory of your brain.

Simple celebrity quiz game guessing

 it is always easy to get something rather than thinking and analogical reasoning about something.

 so this game helps Boost Your memory unlike any other quiz game it also helps you enjoy the game because the characters are presented in a cartoonish hue.

 the simplicity of the game is the speciality of this game because there is no Complex download no purchase is to be done it is simple coin based game when you put in the name with single letters and you enjoy the game.

How do I play a celebrity quiz game?

Playing the game is very very Simple. The game is less than 50 MB in size and downloads immediately.  it is not heavy on your phone neither it is heavier on the device.

celebrity trivia game quiz

 when you start the game you get a simple image with almost all the letters filled in for you you just have to guess two letters and therefore it easy.

 once you get those two letters you are done with level 1 and your presented with the different picture on level 2.

 in level to you have to put in three to four characters to complete the level.

 from level 3 entire letters are  blank  it and you have to fill in the complete name of the celebrity.

 remember each level when you cross it you get one single coin which is equivalent to one letter reveal.  which means with single core in whatever you have earned you can reveal the single letter if you are not able to guess the celebrity name or if you want some letter which you are not able to recognise at that moment.

 you can also gain coins and more coins by watching a video which helps support this particular app other than that there are no in-app purchases or any irritation for you people.

The importance of getting the right celebrity face

 ask the question what will be the importance of even if I know the celebrity name or guess the celebrity.  the for the and to keep it lively healthy and well functioning.

best celebrity trivia quiz game online

 with games like this your brain dost do the work but it does not know it is doing are doing the work ofss login because it is based on your favourite thing the celebrities cases if you like or which you may not like.  but then do it is OK for the way but when I give your math problem it won’t be easy for you or you want me in a mood to solve that my.

Consider this example if I give you game to play and at the same time I give your choice to solve math problem 95% of the people love to play the game. 

 so I not play the game and also help the brain get a boost to a good extent.  this is what is important about getting the celebrity face so that you get the dopamine slash as well as happiness + and increase in brain power

What is the celebrity face guessing game?

In this game you are presented with the face of celebrity it can be from all walks and backgrounds of life.  it may be from the pop culture it may be from the rap culture it may be from Hollywood Bollywood sitcoms seasons and special characters or pop singers.

best celebrity guessing game

 you have to make sure that you guess the celebrity name which is sometimes and easy and sometimes a very difficult task.  provided you have seen that celebrate it is very easy for you but when your not seen the celebrity or you have seen it quite a long time before and it becomes quite hard to guess the celebrity face in the game.

 consider this example if I say that again as Angelina Jolie from the picture no matter what you what features are shown to you but will be able to recognise her because she was the universal phenomenon and had given some great movies as well.

What if I ask you who is Natasha henstridge then you may not be able to recognise her face because they have worked in very less movies and have done very special roles only.

Who can play?

I would suggest any one who has watch movies or watches movies can play this game there is no age bar as such but we have kept the age of 13 and about for the game to be really available to only responsible people.  there is no violence or any n***** off scenery in the game. 

play celebrity quizz game face based

 it is available on the Play Store based on the Google sanction and recommended by Google as well. 

 everyone can play this game there is no hard and fast rule of completing a level in a particular time or at a particular moment there are no coins or points to sleep on the list was last chance of first turns to solve a particular level.

 the best part about this game is you can solve it as and when you require it and you love to play just complete one single level at a time or complete 100 level at a time it completely depends on you.

What are the rules?

The rules of the game are very simple.  you are presented with one Level and certain number of coins.  at the initial level you are prompted with letters and as you cross the level 3 there are no letters you have to completely fill in the  blanks.

Guess Celebrity Quiz

 now if you are stuck at any letter or any name or you do not have any idea about the celebrity then you can do one thing you can use your points which you already have given by the game and as you have crossed the number of levels it will be equal to number of coins.

 you can use these coins to to cross this particular level which are stuck in.  only one coin gets used for one single letter.

 mind when with one single coin you are not allowed to complete one entire  level,  just one single letter is reveal to you.  if you want another letter to be completed you need to use another coin.

What are the prizes?

 there are no cash prizes or any kind of wasted lucrative thing for you.  this game is quite simple to get coins when you cause one single level you get one single coin.  in in each initial certain number of coins That depends on the algorithm and once you get those you can use them to cross the initial levels but after that you will have to make your brain work for you and then get the correct guess of the celebrity

celebrity quiz game online trivia

Why should you play this game?

Tell me the how many times you have yourself bland on playing  a game which makes your brain think in all directions.

 with this game you will be able to enjoy the game because it is based on fun and fun characters which have cartoonize in a GTA like structure and then on top of that your brain will scan through thousands and millions of images to get the best case on the level.

 consider this is a celebrity but you are not able to recognise a name,   see your brain will try to figure out best possible pathway to get to that particular name.  it will go to all the extends which you can cannot even think of will try to make sure that it gets answer for you.

 this is how your brain machine increases and this is a your brain always remains healthy and happy.

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